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http://www.zyppahsnoringdevice.orgSnoring occurs when your tongue relaxes and fall back, causing airway blockage while you sleep at night . Zyppah snoring device comes to the rescue by eliminating the cause of snoring. Zyppah snoring device is hybrid oral appliance which combines two snoring solution in one anti-snoring device. Firstly, it adjusts the lower jaw, pulling it forward to open constricted airways. Secondly, the elastic tongue stabilizer holds the tongue securely and prevents it falling back into the throat. These two methods of mandibular repositioning and tongue stabilization are proven methods of eliminating or stop snoring.

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Description of Zyppah anti-snoring device

Zyppah snoring device is a BPA-free `product with hypoallergenic effects. Zyppah looks great, featuring a sporty black and green color scheme. It is a mouthpiece that sets itself apart by solving your snoring issues via an approach based on double action.

Zyppah has launched on the market in the year 2012. The hybrid mouthpiece comes to offer snorer’s a chance to experience again sleep restful nights by combining both tongue stabilization and jaw adjustment technologies. Zyppah has proved to be more efficient than competitor products such as ZQuiet, GMSS, or SnoreRx.

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How does zyppah snoring device works?

As we already mentioned, the Zyppah product works via a combined action. By pushing your jaw and holding it in a forward position the device ensures your airways stay open.

Secondly, your tongue is kept in place with the help of an elastic band. By holding your tongue in place, one of the other main causes of snoring is avoided.

Zyppah snoring device holds your tongue in place and pushing the jaw forwards are efficient in stopping snoring. Zyppah is a hybrid mouthpiece that delivers well on both fronts, which is a great step forward and a real advantage. This product is proved to keep you from snoring and is unique in design. No other mouthpiece today on the market can provide a better solution than Zyppah.

Benefits and features of Zyppah

Boil-bite-fitting : This simple method helps to customize the mouthpiece for each user. Custom fitting is ready after you keep the mouthpiece in hot water for a certain amount of time, as instructed. Once the piece is softened, you have to remove it and let it cool before to insert it into your mouth. Bite down once inserted and hold it into your mouth. The cooled material will retain its shape for a custom fit adapted to your mouth.

Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece is a hybrid solution that provides a good solution for most people who experience snoring while asleep.

The mouthpiece is relatively lightweight and small, unlike other devices on the market which help to reduce the discomfort in your muscles and mouth.
The device is produced in the US at high-quality standards and using high-end materials.
Zyppah comes with a generous money back guarantee for 30 days. You will certainly have enough time to determine if this is the right anti-snoring device for you.

Advantage of zyppah snoring mouthpiece

Zyppah is a hybrid, double action mouthpiece that delivers efficient results by the combining action of positioning your jaw forward and holding your tongue in place. This design is unique and Zyppah has proven effects in stopping snoring episodes during your sleep. This device is a great step forward and provides a real advantage over its competition. No other mouthpiece on the market can provide a better method of avoiding snoring than Zyppah.

How Zyppah snoring device works

Why should you choose Zyppah snoring device ?

If you cannot experience a relaxing night of sleep because of snoring issues, then Zyppah snoring device is the best solution to your problems. This mouthpiece is proved to deliver results and among all other anti-snoring methods on the market, Zyppah has the best design and provide the best solution to this annoying issue.

Pros and cons of Zyppah anti-snoring device


  • Unique hybrid design with double action
  • Customized fit
  • Lightweight and small
  • Efficient and proved results
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • No adjustment for the jaw advancement feature to reduce jaw, and muscle aches
  • Users may experience some levels of pain and tenderness in the jaw, teeth, and mouth.
  • Fitting is not always easy

How much Zyppah snoring device costs ?

Zyppah snoring device is priced in the middle price range, in between higher end prices and cheaper products. The mouthpiece will cost you a one-time payment of $89.95. This price includes handling and shipping. Buyers also have the choice of a trial purchase for 30 days. The price for this is only $9.95 shipping charge and two installments of $39.95.

About The Company

Zyppah Inc. Better Business Bureaus (BBB)  accredited business since 2013 . Zyppah, Inc. has received 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 3 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of A.

Email : WeCare@ZYPPAH.com
Telephone : (800) 875-3370

Fax: (702) 441-8515

4535 W Sahara Ave STE 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102-3622

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7 Comments on "Zyppah snoring device reviews"

  1. I purchase Zyppah for my wife,It actually works . To custom fit the device ,read the instruction first

  2. With 90 day money back guarantee , I paid full amount and I really satisfied with the product no more snoring

  3. Henrietta Freidel | April 8, 2016 at 9:39 am | Reply

    I was planning to purchase different snoring mouthpiece ,but I may order ZYPPAH as a trial package for 30 days . Then I’ll test that if it can help me to stop snoring at night . And I’ll let you know how it goes

  4. csgo skins cheat | April 22, 2016 at 10:27 am | Reply

    In the beginning it does make mouth and teeth a little sore like all of snoring mouthpiece do. the combination of forward jaw and the little tongue strap did the trick !!

  5. Janie Wackerbarth | May 21, 2016 at 11:17 am | Reply

    My husband snores really loud all night every night. I have a really hard time getting to sleep because of him. Has anybody tried any of the over-the-counter snore stoppers? Is there anything else i can do to get him to stop?

    I also am a snorer and can tell you nothing really works. To ease the situation tell him not to eat two hours before bed, no dairy drinks including tea and coffee before bed. Alchohol makes it much worse. A menthol bowl by the side of the bed opens the nasal passage a little more again easing the snoring. A combination of all of these should give you a better night sleep.

    Anyway I purchase ZYPPAH and I’ll let you know if it works for me and my husband.

  6. Michael Lewis | May 25, 2016 at 1:13 am | Reply

    I had a huge problem with snoring, I used to sound like a lawnmower. I tried everything from from mouth pieces to meditation. In the end I found Zyppah worked best for me, now my snoring is cured. I thought I’d be stuck with this unbearable burden for the rest of my life. The important thing to remember is everybody is different. What works for one may not work for the other. It’s just a process of experimenting and finding out what works for you as an individual.

  7. I was looking for snoring mouthpiece reviews in general and I’m glad I found this website
    It was truly informative. Your website is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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