New snoring device to stop snoring

New Snoring Device Could Soon Be Available To  Eliminate Snoring Problems

The majority of electronic products are geared toward fun and entertainment. However, there are some that can save your life.

snoring deviceA new device is aimed at helping people who snore. Keep in mind that snoring isn’t always a sign of bad sleep quality. It’s also a sign of sleep apnea, which can potentially lead to death, as a person’s breathing starts and stops repeatedly.

According to various studies, people who have sleep apnea are at five-time higher risk of dying from heart problems. They’re also at a higher risk for stroke since sleep apnea can reduce oxygen levels in the brain.

Sleep apnea causes a sufferer to have problems breathing while they’re asleep. Patients suffer with either gasping and wheezing or short, shallow breathing while they sleep. Some go for long seconds or sometimes minutes not breathing.

The body must have oxygen all hours of the day and night, and when a person sleeps, the autonomic nervous system tends to regulate breathing. However, when denied a certain amount of oxygen, it can cause heavy snoring, daytime fatigue, heart problems and liver problems.

Snoring doesn’t have to be an immediate cause for danger in one’s life. Not getting enough good sleep can cause an array of health problems.

At Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is leading a project that is aimed at developing a device that records information while they sleep. According to Professor Zhang Qian, she and her team have created the gadget that’s a cross between the smart pillow and sleep monitor that could help in reducing the length and frequency of snoring.

Her team has worked in conjunction with Shenzhen People’s Hospital to come up with the digital healthcare device. The monitoring system was developed into a watch-like device that will keep track of a person’s sleep condition (shallow or deep), oxygen levels and how many times the body rolled over. This device will then communicate with the pillow to alter its shape so that the user’s sleeping position is corrected so that proper breathing is ensured.

Between 2012 and 2013, roughly 300 people have taken part in tests that used the sleep aid system. According to the results, the breathing disorder shortened from 25 seconds to seven seconds.

The system is equipped with an alarm that will go off when the deep sleep session is over. It’s a key to better a person’s sleep quality.

Qian said the product may be available as early as next year with a price tag of up to $300. She is in the process of applying for certification from the mainland authorities.



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