Snore-canceling Device

Snore-canceling Device Save Your Relationship

Snore canceling deviceAccording to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 90 million Americans suffer with snoring – 37 million of these people snore on a regular basis.And, while money is a big factor for divorce, anyone who lives with a snorer knows that it can drive a wedge between them. In fact, NBC News estimates that one in four married couples sleep in different bedrooms because of a snoring partner. This is known as a sleep divorce.

However, a U.S-based startup company is looking to change this and bring couples back together by eliminating the snoring problem. The device is known as Silent Partner, and it utilizes the noise-canceling technology to block a person’s snores.

The Silent Partner is similar to the nose strips you see at the local retail or drug store. The device was created to fit faces, regardless of their size and shape. How does it work? You place it on your nose, pressing down on the tabs on both sides, turn the device on and fall asleep.

A video was posted to the company’s Indiegogo page, which showed how Silent Partner worked. It detects sound waves snoring causes and sends soundwaves out to stop the noise. Basically, it’s trapping the snoring person in their own bubble so that the partner can sleep peacefully. According to the developers, it’s not to be used for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

The device has yet to be tested in a study but one sleep expert is already thinking about whether or not it’s going to work.

Dr. Boris Chernobilsky is an assistant clinical professor for Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s otolaryngology department. He said the device looks quite interesting with a real possibility of working. He said it’s a simple concept – analyzing the sound’s wavelengths and sending out the exact opposite wavelength to cancel the sound out so the listener doesn’t hear it. He said similar technology is available for an array of industries like construction, aviation, farming and manufacturing.

He said it’s a bit of skeptic in terms of it quieting snoring all together. He said the device is extremely small, so there may be a limit in how much power both in sound generation and processing it’s going to have. He said snoring is rather complex, and is always changing both in volume and frequency.

To cancel any sound, a wave would need to be exactly opposite in terms of amplitude and frequency, and he said he doubts the device that small can do this. He said the loudest snores have exceeded 90 decibels. He said it could work on softer snores that stay relatively consistent.

Chernobilsky said he’s not confident the device will stay on someone’s face all night because people move around all during the night – putting their face into their pillow, their arm over their head and face, etc.

The team that came up with it, on the other hand, are confident it’s going to work. The company has been able to raise over half a million dollars using the Indiegogo fundraising website. A potential release date has been set for November 2016. It’s currently sold out in pre-orders but costs around $67. The kit can still be ordered, which includes the travel bag, stand, charger and silent partner for a price of $121.

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